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The older version of the spring stop screw in some cases cause the stay up spring to tilt and break. If you have this problem you need to replace the screw. Machines from 2012-01-01 and forward have the new spring stop screw and dont need replacing. If your not sure what you have you need to remove the piston to visually determine which one you have. If the end is flat you got the new one and if its round its the older version.

How to replace:

1. Remove the square piston ( see manual )

2. Remove the old spring stop screw from the frame. The screw is prepared with Loctite thread locking so it might not come out easy and sometimes needs to be drilled out. If that is the case we recommend that you send it to us or you might risk destroying the frame.

3. Put some Loctite ( Nr. 2701 ) thread locking on the new spring stop screw and screw it into the frame with the flat part first. While holding the piston in its normal place screw until it reaches the piston and then back out until the piston can move freely up and down. Take out the piston and remove the adjustment screw and the inner piston spring from the piston and put it into the frame upside down and ( using it as a gauge ) push it until it makes contact with the newly inserted spring stop screw.

4. Now comes the important part. The flat part of the new spring stop screw needs to be 100% parralell to the piston and the frame. Use a allen key to wiggle the screw back and forth while pushing down on the upside down piston. You should be able to feel when the piston is in its lowest position and the screw is paralell. Now check that the piston runs freely in its normal position and then do the alignment procedure once again just to make sure that the screw did not move. If the piston does not run freely turn the screw out one revolution and re-aling it. Leave it for an hour and let the loctite harden before re assembly.

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